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Circumstances are such that Farchynys has become too small for the needs of our growing school:  we are finding it difficult to take all the Fusties to Farchynys for the First Year Weeks during the summer term as the Coach House cannot accommodate the numbers required.  We also have a larger number of girls in the Sixth Form these days and need to be able to accommodate them on various weekends as well.

Our neighbour at Farchynys Farm – a one-minute walk away from the Coach House – has agreed to sell two holiday cottages, The Cottage and The Barn, to the School.

We have a limited amount of time to raise the money to buy The Barn, so we need your help.  Further details available under Publications on this site or telephone School.

Donations can be made on this site and you might find you get something back for your generosity:-

Every Little Helps

All donations over £50 are eligible for a Farchynys memento.

Bronze  –  Signing up for a Slate or a Slab

The names of Bronze Donors will be recorded for posterity either in the form of Names Slates on the wall of the Barn (building into the shape of a slate mountain) or Named Slabs on the Observatory Patio.

As a guide, we suggest that £200 will secure a slate and £500 will secure a slab!

You can purchase multiple slates and slabs if you so wish. Please do!  Or get together with friends and buy a whole area with your names there for posterity!

Silver   –   Branding a Bedroom (or a Kitchen, Day Room or Patio)

You can have a Room in the Barn named after you (or someone you want to be remembered)

Barn Bedroom 1:    £5,000

Barn Bedroom 2:    £5,000

Barn Kitchen:          £5,000

Barn Patio:               £5,000

Barn Day Room:     £10,000

Gold  –  Securing your moment on the Mawdaach

You can secure the opportunity of the use of the Barn, free of charge, for a winter weekend or a summer week for several years, in return for a gift of between £10,000 and £50,000.  These arrangements would be subject to contract and made through the Farchynys Management Committee.

Platinum  –  Personalising the Project

You can attach your name to the whole project for £50,000  (Platinum donations would also include an element of holiday usage as above).

Thank you for any help you can offer



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