A Brief history



The Queen Mary’s Club had been founded in 1874 in the Headmastership of Revd AC Irvine, who was the Club’s first secretary, and its progress until the 1950s is recorded in David Fink’s Queen Mary’s Grammar School, in Ch XVII.

In recent memory the Club planted the line of poplar trees at the bottom of Mayfield, and also paid the costs of the War Memorial boards in Big School which were moved to Mayfield to the new Hall there. When Farchynys was purchased and its ownership was conveyed to trustees, the Club took responsibility for overseeing the trusteeship and it has annually paid the local rates and council tax on the property since its acquisition. When the appeal was made for the new buildings at Mayfield, the Club’s own contribution was to enrich the furnishing of the new library. The Club also contributed in its early days to an old boys’ Scholarship Fund, and, together with the scholarship funds which were amalgamated after 1944, this became the fund for travel scholarships which is still administered by its trustees of old boys and governors. More recently the Fund has been most generously augmented with a bequest from the much loved RA (Sticky) Burton (QM 1930-37). This fund makes generous annual grants for books for the library, and makes grants for other equipment and resources for the school, as well as grants for Queen Mary’s students while at university.


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