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Hot news here is that, along with four other schools in Walsall (Queen Mary’s High School, Walsall Studio School, Aldridge School and Shire Oak Academy), we are proposing to establish a Multi Academy Trust. The Queen Mary’s Foundation, the Vine Trust Group and the Governing Bodies of the five schools all believe that this proposal will help safeguard and strengthen the excellent education which is currently provided by each of the Schools, bringing benefit to current and future students and staff, and to the schools’ local and regional communities.

Tim Swain says:  “A new MAT represents an exciting new chapter for all our Schools. We will, of course, continue to safeguard our own individual identity and history, but we firmly believe we can be better together. The educational landscape is changing. Our new MAT will put Walsall on the map and help secure the best opportunities for every pupil in our family of schools.”

The proposed new Multi-Academy Trust is a group of schools working together under a common banner and an over-arching structure of governance. Each school will retain its autonomy and its unique brand. Each school will be the custodian of its heritage, distinct identity and successful operation.

The new Trust will be taking on some of the roles that might have been played in the past by a Local Authority. It is neither the Queen Mary’s Foundation, nor the Vine Trust Group in a new guise; it is a new company with a new and distinct purpose. For this reason, we propose a name that is both rooted in history and which expresses a geographical identity and ambition: The Mercian Trust.

Mercia was an ancient kingdom comprising Cheshire, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Staffordshire, Worcestershire and, crucially for us, what we now call the Black Country. It was in Mercia that St Chad established an association of small monasteries which fostered unity through bonds of kinship. We intend, a thousand years later, to adopt the same spirit in our approach to a Multi-Academy Trust.

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