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Marians on the Mawddach is a social history of Farchynys, the Welsh Centre of Queen Mary’s School, Walsall.  It is the warmest evocation of lives being shaped by an inspiring landscape, a unique document of changing times, and a tribute to the vision of one man.

The compiler and editor, Paul Walton, took his first QM Minibus to the Mawddach in November 1968 – it was his 13th birthday.  After several eventful tours of duty with Messrs, Brudenell, Dickson, Anderson and Paxton, he went up to Brasenose College, Oxford, where he acted and studied Modern History.  This proved to be the perfect blend of experience for a career in advertising where he played a small part in the launch of three brands which are now essential to surviving any weekend at Farchynys :  Quorn, Magnum and Lynx deodorant.  He lives in Oxford with Babs, his long-suffering wife, who has been to Farchynys more times than seems strictly necessary.

Cost of the book is £15 plus £2 post and packing within UK.

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  1. Gill Columbine

    Comment received from Stevie Law:
    “An excellent little tome which would interest any reader about this part of Wales. A compulsive read for any Marian who sold part of his/her soul to the area when visiting Farchynys. Well written and complimentary to all who are mentioned. Some lovely anecdotes from Marians who visited through the years. For those who took these parties or who were on them, they may wonder how the pupils/cadets/ participants survived. My favourite comment matched my feelings “it’s not the travel to the place that’s difficult it’s the leaving.”

    I also can’t believe that Stuart Holtam’s most frequent visit partner was me. We certainly had some great times there together and have many treasured memories of adventures spent on Geography Field Courses, MLC experience gaining trips, Iceland training weekends, Year 11 Welsh 3000 Traverses and sundry other WEs. The Outward Bound WEs spent with Nick White (son of Ralph White – Farchynys Prize and original purchase loan fame), Alex Hudson and Mary Law amongst others are worth another book for the scrapes from which we rescued ourselves.”

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